CIPH - ICPH  (Italian Committee for the Project Hessdalen) is a private  committee created in July 2000 to promote and support the study of Luminous Transient Phenomena in Atmosphere (LTPA) that have been observed in may area of the Earth, and with specific reference to Hessdalen Valley in Norway.

The CIPH-ICPH  is directed by Renzo Cabassi and his first referent is the Project Hessdalen (PH) of Erling Strand e Bjørn Gitle Hauge, in other words we exist because from many year exist the PH and his instrumental effort to understand the phenomena, started in the first part of 80.

As supporter of this study we are positioned in between the people that want to know what they see in the sky and, on the other side, the people of science that are trying to measure the phenomena and building scientific facts.

CIPH-ICPH was founded by : Renzo Cabassi, Nico Conti, Roberto Labanti, Maurizio Morini, Marco Orlandi, Marco Piraccini, Roberto Raffaelli, Massimo Silvestri e Alessandro Zabini.

We together have contributed to finance different missions and instrumentation, starting from the first mission of Massimo Teodorani (2000), together with the engineers of Radiotelescope of Medicina, Bologna, directed by Stelio Montebugnoli & Jader Monari.

Ten Italian missions (2000-2007), in support of PH, are in our background experience.

We have chosen Hessdalen valley as a laboratory and now we have there an extensive array of instrumentation and equipment.

Why is it important to study the Hessdalen phenomena?

1) Knowledge of the Hessdalen phenomenon may give us a better understanding of our Earth and how to treat the natural environment

2) Scientists think that the light phenomena produces considerable luminous energy. Can a study such as this lead us to a new clean energy source?

3) The questions of today may lead to tomorrow’s technology.

4) Nearly unknown phenomena, such as Ball Lightning or Seismic Precursors, could thru the Hessdalen research, yield new ways to better model and a fuller understanding of the Hessdalen phenomenon.