1. AB: Aurora borealis

  2. AE: Atmospheric electricity

  3. BL: Ball lightning

  4. BR: Brontide

  5. EF: Electrophonics

  6. EL: Earth lights

  7. ELR: Enhanced luminosity of rocks

  8. EQL: Earthquake lights

  9. GP: Gorgons phenomena

  10. HP: Hessdalen phenomena

  11. IF: Ignes fatui

  12. IL: Ignes lambentes

  1. The acronym LTPA, Luminous Transient Phenomena in the Atmosphere [*]

  2. is an abbreviation that was created to group together numerous manifestations of this phenomenon,

  3. which form the Committee’s area of interest

  1. LLP: Long-lived plasmas

  2. MPL: Mountain peak luminosity

  3. NLC: Noctilucent clouds

  4. SEF: Saint Elmo's fires

  5. SL: Speleolights

  6. SOL: Sonoluminescence

  7. SP: Seismic precursors

  8. TLE: Transient luminous events

  9. TLP: Transient Lunar phenomena

  10. TST: Tectonic strain theory

  11. UP: Unconventional plasmas

You will find in blue the events and manifestations that have ended up creating various subjects of research over the course of the last few decades. In some cases these subjects have led to new sectors of specialization, producing specific literature, symposiums, workshops, and meetings. These, in turn, have generated even more literate organized by subject. Our Database uses these acronyms as “subjects”, used for archiving published materials.

[*] See: AA.VV., LTPA An International Bibliography on Some Luminous Transient Phenomena in the Atmosphere, UPIAR Monograph, 2006

CREDITS: Giuseppe Stilo, Roberto Labanti, Massimo Silvestri, Renzo Cabassi.

THANKS: Paolo Toselli, Edoardo Russo, Erling Strand, Vladimir L. Bychkov, Stelio Montebugnoli, Nico Conti, Renato Fedele,  Matteo Leone, Mikhail L. Shmatov, Bjørn Gitle Hauge, Clas Svahn, Alexander Keul, Brett Lalonde, Seymour R. Singer, UPIAR.